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Amazon Takes A New Health Care Initiative For Its Employees With Amazon Care

A health clinic, virtual in nature has been launched by Amazon. The venture will have follow-up facilities in homes of the patients, as per a statement issued by the company. This program was announced by Amazon on the website called, which is publicly accessible at present. However, the venture has not been announced formally outside the firm. According to the website, Amazon Care will be a benefit which will be piloted for employees of Amazon as well as their families residing in the area of Seattle.

Previously, CNBC had reported that the company had been working on a health clinic for its employees based in Seattle. These discussions were triggered last summer owing to certain hires which included a top doctor from Seattle who runs a chain of top-notch health clinics. A mixture of in-person service and telemedicine will be offered by the clinic.

As per the website, the virtual offerings will include a video visit including doctors, nurse practitioners or registered nurses within the app to avail answers, advices, treatments, referrals or diagnosis. There will be an option for the employees to see health providers using a mobile website or app. Further, they will be able to send a text message to a nurse regarding any topic of health in minutes. In case an employee requires follow-up attention, Amazon Care has the option of arranging for an in-home visit by a nurse.

In addition, Amazon will prescribe medications through Amazon Care in a span of few hours. It may also offer facilities for employees which can enable them being picked up at preferred pharmacies. For Amazon, health care forms a sector worth $3.5 trillion. The company is searching for ways of bringing in technology such as technology of medical record and cloud computing into the market.

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