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Facebook US Data Transfer Case Heads To Top Court Of Europe

A long-running fight of n Austrian privacy campaigner against Facebook relating to its data transmissions to the US has got to the EU’s highest court. Arguments were been heard by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on whether the Dublin-located subsidiary of Facebook can lawfully transmit users’ private information to the US parent firm. A verdict, which is anticipated by the year-end, could have sweeping repercussions for social media firms and numerous EU businesses that transfer consumer information to places such as the US.

A case was been filed in 2013 by privacy campaigner Max Schrems after Edward Snowden, an ex-NSA contractor, disclosed the level of electronic supervision by US security agencies, comprising the revelation that the organizations were provided access to the Europeans’ personal information by Facebook. Schrems, worried that his private data was at risk, had contended the data transmission through the Ireland courts, where the European business of Facebook is headquartered.

A primary verdict was issued by the Irish Data Commissioner that the transfers might be unlawful as purported “standard contractual clauses” that oversee data transfers do not sufficiently shield customers’ data privacy. The provisions are data protection accords agreed by the EU’s Executive Commission wherein businesses agree to conform to the bloc’s strict privacy norms, comprising protecting private information.

Ultimately, Luxembourg-based top court of EU, ECJ, was asked by the Irish authorities for a decision on whether these contractual clauses abide by the European standards. Schrems does not have an issue with the accords as such but stated the commissioner can, within the rule, take a more precise approach by discontinuing data transmissions in individual cases, such as Facebook’s.

Likewise, representatives from 4 of the giant 5 tech firms—Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google—will present themselves on July 16 before the House Antitrust Subcommittee for a trial on “dominant platforms and innovation,” as declared by the subcommittee.

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