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Satellite Component Provider Akash Systems Collects $14.5 Million

Lately, Akash Systems, which is a startup constructing thermally efficient satellite component, has collected $14.5 Million through a grouping of debt converted into equity and venture capital. The San Francisco-based firm raised $10 Million of its latest funds through a panel of financiers that includes prominent space-sector financier Khosla Ventures, ACME Capital, Founders Fund (a SpaceX investor), angel investor Sriram Krishnan, Correlation Ventures, and others. The rest of $4.5 Million was raised from banknotes changed from debt into equity. Seemingly, Akash Systems builds radios and amplifiers that feature diamond-blended gallium nitride chips.

According to the chief executive and co-founder Felix Ejeckam, by atomically joining diamond to chipsets, the firm is capable of making components that take up heat inside a satellite, letting spaceship to function more proficiently. In an interview, Ejeckam said, “The reason why transmitter is slow is eventually due to waste heat. The more you can decrease the heat generation, the more you let electrons to do good things in the world, in that event very high data calculates information transmitting from a satellite to Earth, and another way around.” Ejeckam added that Akash Systems has collected $17.6 Million till date. The new funds would permit the company to upgrade production at collaborator facilities, he said.

Earlier, Akash Systems was in news for appointing space industry veteran Fabrizio Montauti as vice president of radios to boost manufacturing. Montauti has 30 Years of RF (radio frequency) communications working experience from his work carrying radio technologies to the space satellite communications market globally. Reportedly, Montauti’s appointment carries on the extension of the Akash Systems’ chief management team, which has been cautiously built by co-founders Ty Mitchell and Felix Ejeckam since 2016. “It is one thing to plan effective RF technology and it is another to deliver that expertise to customers via trusted and proven partnerships,” stated Ejeckam.

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