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Latest Study Employs Bacteria To Create Graphene At Low Costs

Graphene is known as an incredibly flexible, thin, strong, and electrically conductive material. It holds the potential to transform electronics and materials. One of the key hurdles though is that it’s difficult to manufacture on huge scales. Recently, researchers from the University of Rochester disclosed that they have employed bacteria to make the material, which is faster and cheaper than present methods and doesn’t need harsh chemicals.

Graphene creation has come a long way since scientists initially used sticky tape to unwrap single-atom-thick layers off of chunks of graphite. At present, it is often created by chemical vapor deposition or by chopping graphite into graphene oxide and then chemically cutting it. Both of those techniques generally need the use of strong chemicals though. This triggered scientists to find softer substitutes. For the latest study, the team discovered that a bacterium named Shewanella worked well as one such option.

On a similar note, a novel study demonstrated that a cervical swab might assist numerous women who are at high risk of ovarian cancer as they have a mutation in the BRCA1 gene. According to the scientists, these women have been shown to have notably fewer numbers of one kind of protective bacteria, named Lactobacillus in the birth canal, besides having a greater ovarian cancer risk. Women already witnessing ovarian cancer are as well known to have minor populations of these bacteria. The most noticeable reduction below standard bacterial counts is noted in younger women in both groups.

For the foremost time, this research showed an association between the vaginal bacterial populations and the existence of a gene mutation. Furthermore, it highlights that an easy non-invasive test could assist reduce the ovarian cancer risk. The study is open for access in the journal Lancet Oncology.

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