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China Urges The US to Terminate Military Deal With Taiwan Worth $2.2 Billion

The US Department of Defense has recently revealed to the administration that it is going to conduct a huge supply of arms to Taiwan. In return, China has demanded the US to abandon any considered arms deal with Taiwan. Asia’s giant country has been indicting Washington of impeding in domestic affairs of China.

The $2.2 Billion arms deal between the US Pentagon and the East Asian State Taiwan involves the supply of anti-aircraft missiles, tanks, and other related equipment. The military deal comes at a state when both the strong economies—the US and China—do not have good relations with each other owing to the ongoing trade war.

According to the Beijing policy, China will not maintain political relations with any nation that recognizes the island as an independent state. Geng Shuang—representative of China’s foreign ministry—informed reporters that the arms trading with Taiwan acutely infringes the “one-China principle”.

Under this deal, 250 Stinger missiles, 108 M1A2T Abrams tanks, as well as mounted machine guns and bullets would be supplied to the Republic of China. The US received “sincere thanks” from Taiwan Presidential Office for supporting the island through strengthening its defense.

On a similar note, the US administration is furious, as Turkey gets ready to obtain its first consignment of defense equipment from Russia.

Washington has pressurized Ankara by not approving the multibillion-dollar military-based contract. Almost two years back, Turkey agreed to purchase an S-400 missile defense system worth $2.5 Billion from Russia. This week, Turkish President gave confirmation that the missile shipment was taking place as per the plans set with Russia. He did not specify any deadline for the proceeding.

In response to the US threat, Ankara responded by emphasizing that Turkey is in a great need of a missile defense system to strengthen its national security.

On this matter, Trump said that the Obama administration had treated Turkey unfairly when Ankara was looking to procure the Patriot missile system.

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